Gonzales – Knight Moves (Lone remix) [stream]

UK producer remixes Canadian musician to shimmering, Ibiza sunrise effect.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

After the rain comes sun, and it doesn’t get much sunnier than this Lone remix of Knight Moves by Chilly Gonzales. Originally taken from the Canadian entertainer’s ‘Ivory Tower’ film/album released late last August, it now has its own starring role in an EP released by Boysnoize Records. Happy-sad piano and shimmering chimes make up the heart of the original, elements that Lone stretches and spins to the nth degree to craft a sunrise-on-the-terrace worthy piece of magic. Nice move.

Gonzales – Knight Moves (Lone Remix) full preview by Boysnoize Records

Boysnoize Records released Gonzales ‘Knight Moves EP’ featuring remixes by Lone and DJ Koze on 23rd May 2011