Gobby – Trans.09

UNO NYC freakazoid Gobby explores the wilderness of 160bpm on his manic new track.


UNO freakazoid Gobby is releasing a new free EP at the end of the month, with the first track, Trans.09, setting the tone for the whole affair. In case you were in any doubt, that tone is weird. It starts off with grinding industrial sounds before transforming into jittering, manic juke. The area around 160bpm is currently a true wilderness, one where no rules of convention seem to exist, and Gobby uses the freedom of this tempo on Trans.09 – no matter how clattering and unpleasant the individual sounds he uses are, together they inexplicably seem to work.

UNO NYC will release the ‘Lantern’ EP on 29th January 2013.

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