Glasser introduces Bouquet

Cameron Mesirow recommends you listen to this sunshine-streaked Californian band.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

Glasser is a New York-based singer and producer who makes astoundingly huge, fragmented pop tunes. Having released her debut LP ‘Ring’ on True Panther Sounds in 2010, right now she’s working on her second album – and given how much we’re on the edge of our seats for that record, we’re almost sorry she took some time away from it to recommend us some new music (but not really). She’s here to tell you why you should be listening to Californian four-piece Bouquet, fronted by her vocalist pal Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs. Led by Riggs’s sensitive vocal, Bouquet make warm and intuitive guitar music that builds emotional stories from sparse elements of folk and alternative rock, with the occasional electronic interference. Their latest EP, ‘Still The River’, is embedded track-by-track at the bottom of the post, but don’t ask us why you should scroll down and listen; ask Cameron Mesirow.

Glasser: “Carolyn is friend of mine whose voice I can always count on to make me feel good. It’s a musical voice that says a lot with a little. Her words, like her voice, are spare and intriguing. Bouquet is her latest project and I can hear in it a kind of fresh air and excitement, as well as some familiar strands of sound, wrapped in her beautiful warm voice.”