Glasgow venue The Arches goes into administration

After a licensing review forced it to close at midnight, the Glasgow club has gone into administration and is looking likely to close.


Sad news of the day: Glasgow venue The Arches has gone into administration and is looking likely to close.

The news comes after a recent decision by the city's licensing authorities to force it to close at midnight following police complaints about disorder and drug use. The Arches' management have described running the space – a non-profit venue – as "untenable" in its new form.

Besides being a nightclub, The Arches is also a gig and theatre venue, and runs a restaurant and café. It was the venue for many huge nights over the years, including Daft Punk's first UK show. Other highlights can be found in Slam's guide to Scottish clubbing's best moments.

"Our hope is that the administrators, working with partners and stakeholders, can salvage some of the activities for which The Arches is renowned," said Gordon Kennedy, chairman of The Arches board of directors.

"I’m disappointed that the City Council decided to force The Arches into this position, and I’m surprised that despite the wave of public support not one other Glasgow MSP saw fit to support my call for a rethink," Patrick Harvie, Scottish Green MSP for Glasgow, said, "It remains open to Glasgow, to the Scottish Government, and to the arts community to try and find a new life for this important venue."

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