Ghost Culture – Half Open

Fried analogue house music from Phantasy Sound's newest signing.


Ghost Culture is an exciting new pop musician who joins the esteemed company of Daniel Avery, Connan Mockasin, and Nadia Ksabia on Erol Alkan's label Phantasy Sound. We say "pop musician", but that only goes halfway to describing his stuff – his songs Mouth and Guidecca are proper pop earworms with his own voice at the heart of them, but they're more informed by house and techno than anything you'd find up in the charts.

His singles so far seem to follow a fairly simple structure – a pop song on the a-side, a club track on the b-side. Half Open is the flip of Guidecca, a fried analogue house track ("fried" seems an appropriate descriptor – you can practically hear the synths overheating on it) that's high on melody.

Phantasy Sound release Giudecca/Half Open on February 24th 2014 (vinyl)/March 10th 2014 (digital).