Ghost Culture – Giudecca

Really fantastic new single from Phantasy Sound synth pop artist Ghost Culture.


Ghost Culture is pretty exciting. His first single, Mouth, was a smoky analogue house track with a slow, druggy tempo and deep bass groove. On that track, it was a surprise when a vocal came in – because really, you don't often find young producers who dare sing on their own stuff – but it was a welcome surprise. It sounded good at the time, but future months proved it to be great – it wasn't obvious at first, but Mouth was a total earworm, its melodies sweet and its groove addictive.

What wasn't obvious back then was that Ghost Culture isn't really a dance music producer – although he's clearly someone who lives for dance music. His new single, Giudecca, is a pop song through and through, albeit a pop song made by the sort of person who shares an equal love for someone like Levon Vincent as they do Talking Heads. Due for release through Erol Alkan's Phantasy Sound imprint late next month, Giudecca is available to stream right now, but only in an edited form (you do get a hefty four minutes to listen to, but it fades out long before you'd want it to).

Phantasy Sound will release the 'Giudecca/Half Open' EP on February 24th 2014 (vinyl)/March 10th 2014 (digital).

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