Geeneus – ELE

The Rinse FM founder returns with his first single in six years.


Geeneus hasn't released a single in over six years, not that you'd have noticed. The Rinse FM founder has hardly kept a low profile over the past few years, what with the former pirate radio station's enormous growth, its development into a record label that puts out #1 singles, and not to mention his own work behind the boards on Katy B's two albums (as well as, by the looks of things, her next one…).

2015 will be a year that sees Geeneus return to production in a big way, with a slew of solo singles set to be released via Rinse – where else? – starting with ELE. It works at a house groove, but it's sparse and has been mixed to hit hard like a cinder block.

Rinse release ELE/Red Velvet on March 30th 2015.