Gazelle Twin – ‘Mammal’ EP

Stream the seven-track EP from Gazelle Twin, featuring remixes from Kuedo, Alixander III and film scorer Clint Mansell.


We’ve covered the new ‘Mammal’ EP from Gazelle Twin a couple of times before, first in the form of the video for Heartbeat – a cover of the Wire classic – and with Kuedo’s futurist reworking of I Turn My Arm. Now, the whole EP is available to stream over at Gorilla vs. Bear, featuring three original tracks and extra remixes from film composer Clint Mansell, Renaissance Man and Alixander III. The EP was inspired, amongst other things, by Ennio Morricone’s score for The Thing, and the huge, surround sound cinematics (as well as an imposing sense of dread) translates to all of the tracks and remixes.

Sugarcane will release Gazelle Twin’s ‘Mammal’ EP on January 29th.

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