Future – Sh!t (remix feat. Drake and Juicy J)


Words by: Aimee Cliff

Future's anthemically angry single Sh!t was named one of Dummy's favourite tracks of 2013 for its stinging assault on the unsuspecting listener, with its menacingly low-riding production and slurred chorus serving as a warning shot to all those who might have thought that the rapper might not be the most innovative voice in hip hop right now.
To celebrate the upcoming final date of his tour with pretty nice guy Drake, Future has just unleashed a gigantic remix that features his staccato choruses with Drake and Juicy J filling in the gaps in between with their own drunken, rowdy verses. Check Drake bragging "I'm the one that's killin' niggas on the hooks though" and Juicy telling his pilot to land his jet. Aggressive and essential stuff.
Download this track as part of the Future-hosted DJ Esco mixtape that's going to be available here from around 8pm GMT.