Future Islands – On The Water [album stream]

Baltimore underground pop true believers Future Islands stream their stripped back electro opera.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Future Islands are a great fondness of the team behind Dummy, and we’re stoked to share a link to their latest album, ‘On The Water’. Their previous work on 2008’s ‘Wave Like Home’ [Upset The Rhythm] or 2010’s ‘In Evening Air’ [Thrill Jockey] showcased an ability to combine the raw tones of bedroom synthpop and the epic sweep inherent in Samuel T Herring’s voice. On their new album, ‘On The Water’, also through Thrill Jockey, is more delicate, more stripped, and victorious, triumphant even, as a result. Head to NPR to hear it for yourself.

But trust me as a friend, I’ll do all that I can do
I’d do anything for you, because I want to see you through
It just takes time
You can change your life.

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