Future Islands announce third album, which you should not ignore

Baltimore synth-pop screamers to release 'On The Water' in October.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Baltimore synth-pop group Future Islands have announced that they will be releasing their third full-length album this year. ‘On The Water’, set to be released 10th October, is to be a concept album linking love, loss and memory.

The band, consisting of vocalist Samuel T Herring, bassist William Cashion and keyboardist Gerrit Welmers, lived and worked together in their studio-slash-sleeping-quarters during the production of the album, creating a tranquillity that they believe will pulsate through the final result.

When we caught them live at Upset The Rhythm at Plan B in Brixton a couple of weeks back the energy in the room was anything but tranquil. As we’ve mentioned before, lead singer Herring is a mesmerising frontman. “If you guys scream loud enough, anything can happen,” he called out with a glint in his eye as everyone leaned forward, high on the feeling. These guys have enough presence to be filling stadiums.

You can watch the video for lead single Before the Bridge below; gloomy synths and careful vocal delivery make this a track that wavers on the edge of reckless emotion, precarious and teetering, with a video of half-visble, stuttering images to match.

Future Islands – Before the Bridge from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.

Download Before the Bridge here.

Thrill Jockey will release ‘On The Water’ on 10th October 2011