Fuse is throwing a techno rave in every one of Brussels’ metro stations this month

It's the "world's biggest underground rave"...


Words by: Felicity Martin

One of Belgium’s longest-running electronic music institutions, Fuse, is taking techno to every one of the underground stations in Brussels on April 27th.

“From Friday morning (10:00 AM) to Saturday April 27 (12:00 AM) you will hear techno music in all Brussels metro stations,” the website¬†Studio Brussel¬†reports.

Having been in operation since 1994, the techno label and club is celebrating its 25th birthday this year, and the underground “mega-rave” is part of the festivities.

For the occasion, Fuse asked their fans for the favourite tracks, which have been compiled into a playlist to be played in the metro stations – listen to it here.