Funktionslust – Forever

Electronic pop from South London with a modernist streak.


Funktionslust are a really good duo from New Cross, a small district in the South East of London. Sage Redman and Joe Gillick are joint multi-instrumentalists, producers, and vocalists, and they met when Redman – a Seattle native – came to London to study.

Their music, in form, is quite simple and accessible pop, but what makes Funktionslust special is the modernist streak that has run through the production of all their songs so far. They're never reliant on codified ideas, instruments, or genres, which makes their music very refreshing to hear in today's landscape – if a little hard to describe as anything other than "electronic pop".

Forever is a bouncy song with ghostly vocals, taken from their new EP, 'A Different Street'.

Funktionslust release 'A Different Street' on June 1st 2015.

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