Mic Righteous launches fundraiser after quad bike crash in Greece

The rapper and his girlfriend had to undergo emergency surgery and now need help getting home


Words by: Felicity Martin

UK rapper Mic Righteous is appealing for donations after he and his girlfriend suffered a quad bike crash on the Greek island of Rhodes.

The pair had to undergo emergency surgery after being rented a faulty bike and colliding with a car, and have been in hospital in Rhodes since August 16th, his GoFundMe page states.

The couple have travel insurance but Mic Righteous’ girlfriend needs to be flown home on a stretcher due to the nature of her injuries, which will cost around £25,000, although the MC says he is putting £10k of his own money towards it.

“Not many airlines can provide this service on short notice apart from specialists medical planes,” the rapper writes. “Char requires a doctor on board as any more damage can cause serious neurological damage and cause her to have permanent effects.”

“I myself sustained a dislocated leg, and foot which has now been infected from all the pacing I been doing to and from receptions to try and solve our situation.”

The ‘Home Stretch’ GoFundMe page can be found here.


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