Full stream of Oneohtrix Point Never and Rene Hell’s split LP

Listen to OPN and Rene Hell's split LP, due out on 17th September here in the UK via NNA Tapes.


Words by: Karen Chan

Yesterday we posted about NNA Tapes’ latest second split LP – an album shared by Brooklyn’s Oneohtrix Point Never and Los Angeles’ Rene Hell – in which the opening track of OPN’s side can be streamed. Today, a full stream of the aforementioned split LP has emerged on the internet, which can be listened below.

Each side consists of five pieces. Oneohtrix Point Never’s A-side is entitled ‘Music For Reliquary House’, featuring sonic reworkings from the ‘Reliquary House’ audio and visual installation from 2011, a collaboration between the producer and visual artist Nate Boyce. Rene Hell’s B-side is called ‘In 1980 I Was A Blue Square’ – fives pieces of piano, synthesizer and computer generated sounds that juxtapose mid-20th century classical music with modern chaotic electronic composition.



Side A: Oneohtrix Point Never – ‘Music For Reliquary House’

1. Stone of Spiritual Understanding (Noguchi)
2. Midday (Caro)
3. Free Ride (Tony Smith)
4 Cubi X (D. Smith)
5. The Letter (D. Smith)

Side B: Rene Hell – ‘In 1980 I was a Blue Square’

1. Meta Concrete
2. Untitled Solo 4
3. The Bridge
4. Qi
5. Quick Folding Motion

NNA Tapes will release Oneohtrix Point Never and Rene Hell’s ‘Music For Reliquary House / In 1980 I was A Blue Square’ on 17th September in the UK and 18th September in the USA.

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