Full details of Levon Vincent’s Fabric CD announced

New York-Berlin deep house DJ mixes new Fabric CD.


Words by: Charlie Jones

As we mentioned six weeks ago, Levon Vincent is to mix the Fabric 63. The tracklist is below, and it’ll be hitting the shops on the 23rd April.

Levon Vincent is famous for a muscular take on New York’s deep house house. He has cultivated this over the course of several years on the underground, most notably through releases for his own label, Novel, and Underground Quality.

It’s a simple, straightforward set with little showboating and a great number of his friends, including Jus-Ed of Underground Quality and DJ QU, as he explained to RA:

Well, it wasn’t like “oh let me hook up my friends,” it was really like, “what else am I gonna do?” We all might be reaching farther and getting more success, but there’s a group of us that all have this particular style, this sound, so who else would I have gone to? You know, I could have mixed faster, put in more tracks, thrown a few from the ’80s songs in there, maybe some Murk records, but there’s one modern sound we have that’s not looking backwards, that kind of deep tech, and of course that’s my base.

Basically I wanted to use this opportunity to push my signature sound. I have plenty of other stuff, sometimes I experiment and dick around, but if I’m hit up for a commercial mix, it’s gotta be the one concept I’ve been doing for so long. At least for the first time out. Maybe for the next one I’ll be in a Speedo on the beach on the cover, but for now I’ll keep it simple. I hope people say that I had a commercial opportunity and that I used it to do something artistic, cause that was the idea. I’m nervous about it, but I’m also really proud.

01. Joey Anderson – Earth Calls
02. DJ Jus-Ed – Blaze (Do Dah Dab Mix)
03. JM De Frias – Intrinsic Motivation
04. Levon Vincent – Stereo Systems
05. Levon Vincent – Polar Bear
06. DJ QU – Times Like This
07. Levon Vincent – Fear
08. Levon Vincent – Double-Jointed Sex Freak II
09. Joey Anderson – Hydrine
10. Anthony Parasole – Tyson
11. Levon Vincent – The End
12. Black Jazz Consortium – Blacklight
13. Levon Vincent – Early Reflections
14. Levon Vincent – Rainstorm II
15. Black Jazz Consortium – Far Away

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