A member of Franz Ferdinand has written a puppet show based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest

In baffling news, Nick McCarthy is bringing his musical talents to the (puppet-sized) stage.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Nick McCarthy, guitarist and vocalist of Franz Ferdinand, is expanding into the world of musical theatre with his latest project.

After quietly working away for three years with actor Philipp Plessmann and designer Hank Schmidt-in-der-Beek, McCarthy is ready to unveil the score to The Tempest Puppet Music Show . As well being performed live in September, the soundtrack may also be released as an album in the near future.

McCarthy told the NME , “I’m not proud of him [ Shakespeare ], but I think there’s a possibility of getting some rock and roll out of him – and that is of the essence.”

Rock and roll, Shakespeare and puppets – three things you never thought you would see in a news story together, until today.

‘The Tempest Puppet Music Show’ will run from September 7 – 9 at London’s Wilton’s Music Hall.