Frankie Knuckles interview


To celebrate Frankie Knuckles’ headline gig during the Red Bull Music Academy’s House Classic night last week at Madrid’s Coco nightclub, German house DJ, music journalist, and Running Back label owner Gerd Janson had interview the Chicago house music pioneer about himself and the essential roots of the sound.

One of the most important producer/DJ in house music’s development is Frankie Knuckles. Having produced much celebrated house tracks like Baby Wants To Ride and Your Love with musical partner Jamie Principle, he is also a key figure in bringing the raw sound of drum machines into DJ sets. While studying textile design in Manhattan, Knuckles began his career as a DJ, playing soul, funk, disco, R&B at The Continental Bathes with Larry Levan. When the famous Warehouse club opened in Chicago in 1977, he was invited to play on a regular basis. He then later on started his own club, The Power Plant.

The Warehouse circa 1977

Janson and Knuckles spoke about the clubbing scene in Chicago and New York back in the 80s, the coining of the term “house music”, Knuckles’ relationship with Ron Hardy and the Muzic Box, and more.

Read the whole interview here.