Francis and the Lights – If They Don’t Come Tomorrow

Muffled angst from the New York-based singer-songwriter and Drake collaborator.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

New York-based singer-songwriter Francis and the Lights has shared a new track from his upcoming 'Like A Dream' EP in the form of the smooth, shuffling ballad If They Don't Come Tomorrow. The song tiptoes forwards on the feverish trepidation of the title, all dampened production and distortion-coated vocals keeping the listener anxiously at arm's length. Francis has worked as a songwriter and producer in the past with the likes of Drake and 4AD R&B group Inc, which makes a lot of sense given the muted angst that bleeds through the track's wilting electronics.  

Good Years will release the 'Like A Dream' EP on the 25th November. 

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