Flying Lotus shares 24 ideas, drafts, and loops

The LA beat lord drops a hefty .zip package, including a Black Skinhead remix featuring Thundercat.


Flying Lotus hit 300,000 followers on Twitter last night, and to celebrate such a massive achievement, he shared a .zip package containing a bunch of drafts, ideas, and loops. The name? 'Ideas+drafts+loops', obviously.

There are 24 tracks in total in the archive, some good, some not so good, but all you'd expect from FlyLo. There are a couple of collaborations featured, with familiar faces like Shabazz Palaces, Baths, Thundercat, and Niki Randa, and a remix of Kanye West's Black Skinhead (streamable here) that features Thundercat.

All in all, a good haul. Oh, and Flying Lotus confirmed that his new album is "almost ready for mixing" too, which is, well, pretty good. Apparently, another .zip will be due before that album drops.

To download the package, follow this link or this one.


About That Time
Adventure Sound (ft. The Underachievers)
An Xbox Killed My Dog
Aqua Teen 24
Aqua teen inst 24
Between Villains
Chasing Apples
Colemans Groove (ft. Andreya Triana and Niki Randa)
Coswerved draft
DJ Mehdi – Mapei IDEAS 1 MIX
Hide me (ft. Shabazz Palaces)
Little Hours (ft. Baths)
Meadow Man2
Oatmeal Face
Osaka Trade
Puppet Talk
Such a Square
The Diddler
TheKill (ft. Niki Randa)
Thundercat – Yeezus – Black Skinhead