Flying Lotus reveals full details of new album ‘You’re Dead!’

Watch an eyeball-popping teaser for FlyLo's fifth album, which features Herbie Hancock, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, Thundercat and more.


As was revealed a couple of weeks ago, Flying Lotus is releasing a new album, 'You're Dead!', in October. His label, Warp Records, have now announced full details of the album, including some massive collaborations.

In order of appearance, the album features: Herbie Hancock, Kendrick Lamar, Captain Murphy (FlyLo's rap alter ego), Snoop Dogg, Angel Deradoorian, Thundercat, and Niki Randa. 

The artwork – contender for some of the year's best – comes courtesy of Japanese comic book artist Shintaro Kago. He's also provided illustrations of each of the album's tracks, which you can peep on Flying Lotus' tumblr.

The label will also release a special edition of the album pressed to 4x180g vinyl, featuring the album's instrumentals.

Watch a really insane trailer for the album above. (It should maybe come with an epilepsy warning…)

Flying Lotus 'You're Dead!' tracklist:

01. Theme
02. Tesla
03. Cold Dead
04. Fkn Dead
05. Never Catch Me (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
06. Dead Man's Tetris (feat. Captain Murphy & Snoop Dogg)
07. Turkey Dog Coma
08. Stirring
09. Coronus, the Terminator
10. Siren Song (feat. Angel Deradoorian)
11. Turtles
12. Ready err Not
13. Eyes Above
14. Moment of Hesitation
15. Descent Into Madness (feat. Thundercat)
16. The Boys Who Died in Their Sleep (feat. Captain Murphy)
17. Obligatory Cadence
18. Your Potential//The Beyond (feat. Niki Randa)
19. The Protest 

Warp Records release 'You're Dead!' on October 6th 2014 (pre-order).

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