Flying Lotus maps countries yet to come

Brainfeeder free hip hop producer Flying Lotus is plotting a film project featuring "inspiration and direct sampling of northeast Los Angeles' imagery" for LA art project!


Words by: Charlie Jones

With art film-maker Miwa Matreyek, producer Flying Lotus will compose a score for a film called “The Mapping of Countries Yet to Come”, which is due to open at the Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock in LA, America in June 2012.

The below text is taken from their KickStarter, where you can donate to make this happen and feel nice about yourself.

The culminating performances of The Mapping of Countries Yet to Come will combine both artists’ talents to create a piece which highlights the importance of our local, historic community and provides an interactive experience for audiences. Miwa Matreyek will create an interactive animated projected film with which she will choreograph her movements to match the animation. Steven Ellison will work with Miwa Matreyek to create an original score to accompany the film.

An interactive reading room will be created for the exhibition. The reading room will include a video documenting the process which the performance was realized, literary documentation of the performance artists which inspired the artists’ choices, and a collection of music exploring the history of electronic music and improvisation.

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