Floating Points – King Bromeliad

Plant-referencing missive from the Eglo co-boss, forthcoming for a AA-side.


Consistently a producer who soaks up everything around him but always marches to the beat of his own drum, Floating Points has revealed details of a forthcoming 12" release with a brand new track.

King Bromeliad starts out with what sounds like a scrappy club recording of the track, before swaying into a familiarly schmoove groove that snakes about for a good nine-minute boogie. Quick bit of botanical trivia: Bromeliads are a family of flowering plants native to the tropical Americas, and the "King of the Bromeliads" is a nickname often given to the Vriesea hieroglyphica. So now you know. 

It's setting up to be a significant year for Eglo: as reported shining star Fatima's debut 'Yellow Memories' is set to be the first album put out by the label, with a record from Shafiq Husayn also anticipated. Eglo released an excellent label compilation last year – read our track by track to get up to scratch, and get stuck into King Bromeliad in the Dummy Player. 

Eglo Records will release 'King Bromeliad/Montparnasse' some time in the near future. 

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