Fis – Womb Dream

Stream a new track from the New Zealander producer's next Tri-Angle release.


Words by: Anthony Walker

Fis – who told us in a Next feature that "that whole area in the torso is really important. It’s almost the guide or the arbiter of a work. If there’s a particular feeling in my sternum or in my neck then I generally know [a] track’s worth pursuing" – makes grainy, meditative music, the kind that finds a home in Tri Angle. They released his EP 'Preperations' last year and are now preparing to put out a second, titled 'Iterations'. The first track taken from it is Womb Dream

Fis is also performing on one of Dummy's stages at June's Camden Crawl event, the details of which are posted here


01. Iterations
02. Womb Dreams
03. Fever Sweats
04. Her Third Eye (Drum Rain)

Tri Angle Records release 'Iterations' on May 13th 2014.

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