Fins a Luminous – Turn

This dark and stormy post-rock duo are ones to keep an eye on.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

Today, we're happy to introduce a brand new creative force: Fins a Luminous. A UK-based duo by the names of Ross Saunders and Joe Bond, the pair have little else online about themselves other than a Soundcloud page filled with four innovative tracks; within these intense and meticulously crafted songs, they mess with mind-bending soundscapes and hypnotising vocals.

One such is Turn. Beginning with chops of meaty bass mixed with percussion and samples of bustling public places, the track soon begins to soar, with soft synths soaring out alongside lungfuls of falsetto vocal. Super delayed guitar springs out of the rumbling waves of noise as the vocals grow gravelly, almost menacing, with the spotlight on the short refrain, "Never grew up". If you like it dark and eerie with a touch of post-rock punch (like us), then these are ones to watch.


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