Field Day podcast

The first in our series of festival podcasts kicks off with a set of interviews from No Age, Phoenix Tensnake, the Golden Filter, Memory tapes and Mount Kimbie and sounds from Victoria Park.


Words by: Charlie Jones

After spending a few hours scratching our brains about how to authentically communicate the atmosphere of the festival season without dully listing each band we saw, we hit on the idea of chatting rubbish with the people we met, and recording it for you to hear. It was logistically simpler than sending you all a pint of pear cider and rubbing earth on your jumpers, and you can take it away with you. Stay tuned for broadcasts from Standon Calling and Stop Making Sense.

The first in the season is Field Day, Victoria Park’s one day-session, held every year in London in late July/early August. It was pretty fun, not least because it’s a world class festival held close to a tube stop, features many of the country’s best promoters putting on many of the world’s best bands, and – this being E9 – mercifully few jester hats. If the day had a downside, it was the rather blase crowd, a point probably not unrelated to the above three plus-sides.

Anyway, download the above podcast now to hear Mount Kimbie grumbling about their worst ever festival, Tensnake sounding upbeat, No Age joking about sniffer dogs, and Phoenix chatting about Japan.