Fever The Ghost – Source (Secret Circuit remix)

LA psych-pop-glam racket get given a cosmic rework by analogue disco producer Secret Circuit.


Secret Circuit has remixed LA psychedelic glam pop racket Fever The Ghost.

We first heard FTG last year, when our friend Larry Gus remixed their song Calico. Since then the band have been at work on their debut full-length, due this year on Heavenly Recordings (Europe) and Complicated Game (US).

Secret Circuit is Eddie Ruscha, a tropicosmic circuit breaker – also from LA – who has released about a million tracks over the past five years, each one banged out on a collection of analogue synthesizers and drum machines.

His rework of Source treats its, er, source material with care: the original song is basically intact, but it's got a silken electro groove and spacey pads. It's sick, but that's no surprise – by this point Ruscha could probably do this in his sleep.

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