Felicita soundtracks Matt Copson’s show The Magazine


London-based producer Felicita has written the music for an upcoming performance by artist Matt Copson at Serpentine-Sackler Gallery's The Magazine on February 15th. 

Copson's performance, called A Woodland Truce, opens the London institution's Magazine Sessions, which will feature "experimental and immersive" events from various artists throughout the year. Felicita's music soundtrack, along with vocals by progressive amateur choir Musarc of the city's Cass School of Arts, will accompany a "play without actors" about a handful of woodland animals, a voicing from Marcus Nasty and "a fox named Reynard" who meet up in a clearing and end up conspiring to "undermine their biological conditioning and nature itself". 

Matt Copson, ‘Reynard Reprised’, 2015. Courtesy Sharjah Art Foundation and the artist.‚Äč

Given Felicita's penchant for the sweet and synthetic, hidden beneath a bubbly guise of childish innocence that's then ruthlessly delivered in chaotic bursts, the play should be both suitably fun and disturbing.     

The Magazine takes place at Serpentine Sackler Gallery on February 15th (info).

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