FaltyDL – Power

Listen to a hefty chunk of a new burner from the NYC producer.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

FaltyDL is always on the move, traversing garage, jazz, dubstep and even pop on his recent album 'Hardcourage' with ease. On an upcoming release for Swamp 81, however, it seems he's headed to a trip-out, dancefloor zone if this generous swatch of new track Power is anything to go by. There's a killer vocal sample in there too, one that's over 20 years old but has lost none of its kick. FaltyDL's got the power, alright. Listen on the left and, if you missed it first time, check our in-depth FaltyDL interview

Swam p81 will release FaltyDL Power in the near future.

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