Factory Floor – Turn It Up (Laurel Halo remix)

The London three-piece's newest single gets broken down and roughened up by Laurel Halo.


Factory Floor's Turn It Up has been broken down and roughened up by Laurel Halo. Less a remix and more a reconstruction, Halo's version bears scant resemblance to the original track – none of the 808 cowbells of the original tare present, none of the deadpan vocals, none of the elongated grooves – but what it does have is a fixation on texture and atmosphere. It's part of the Turn It Up single package, which also features a remix by the bloody hero Carl Craig.

Read our interview with Laurel Halo from earlier this year, and our interview with Factory Floor from even earlier.

DFA will release Turn It Up on December 9th 2013.

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