Factory Floor – Fall Back

Eight-and-a-half minutes of sheer noise induce a euphoric, trance-like state.


When it comes to avant-garde music, one of the more interesting concepts that artists explore is that of the trance state, the use of sonics to alter an audience’s state of mind. In its infancy, house DJs referred to the Trance Dance; James Holden recently listed ten of his favourite “trance tracks” for us, and Gavin Russom tackles this altered state of being in all of his music.

Factory Floor, in both their recorded music and live performances, tackle this concept better than most bands around right now. Following on from their last single, 2011’s awesome Two Different Ways, Fall Back is another eight-and-a-half-minute sonic assault – it’s loud and noisy, almost brutal, but not in a clanging pots and pans way but a euphoric one. The trance state is interesting because, whilst a lot of experimental music can take on pretty impenetrable forms, this can be explored in a way that makes your body move. With its unrelenting 4/4 kick, its heaving bass and constant apreggiated synth, Fall Back really does feel like a dance track, one that demands that you undulate your body as you get lost in the sound.

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