Fabric will remain open – but will introduce sniffer dogs and ID scanners

Following a police review of the London club's license due to drug-related deaths, Fabric are having to introduce strict new security measures to the venue.


Police have apparently called for a review of Fabric's license, raising fears that the London clubbing behemoth might be closed.

The Islington Gazette, via FACT, report that police made the move after an MDMA-related death in September this year. Eight people have collapsed from the use of ecstasy at the club, officers claim, with four more dying.

Chief Superintendent Steve Deehan said in a report that the club allegedly did not report the September death of an 18-year-old girl.

The licensing committee are reviewing the club's license tonight. Whether or not the review recommends closing the club, or heightened security, or something else, will wait until then. In the meantime, a Save Fabric petition is up.

"We care deeply about the welfare of our patrons," the club say in a statement, "Fabric has always operated a zero tolerance drugs policy and we’re proud to continue to be open and honest in assisting the police with any incident investigations. We employ two trained medics who are on site for the duration of all of our club events and, as a venue, we provide free water and non-judgmental advice from bar staff, stewards and security teams. The incidents referred to in the Met Police’s report are truly tragic events; incidents that we assure you our team reacted to in the quickest possible and most efficient manner – our medical staff have since been commended by senior coroners on their 'impressive' and 'quite extraordinary' level of expertise."

Regardless of the outcome of the review, the club will remain open this weekend and in the immediate future.

Update (December 19th): The club will not be closed, but they will have to introduce ID checks on all clubbers, improve CCTV and increase drug searches at the door, and introduce sniffer dogs on regular patrol at a cost of £300 for a four-hour shift. It'll make Fabric the first club in London to have dogs on regular patrol, The Evening Standard reports.

Paddy Whur, the club’s solicitor, said: "They will need seven dogs per night because they can only work for a certain number of hours," Paddy Whur, the club's solicitor, told the newspaper, "The vast majority of private sector dog providers are not trained to the level that police dogs are. So it’s been difficult finding one to meet the criteria police want."

Fabric founders Cameron Leslie and Keith Reilly say they will be appealing the decision