Experience your music like never before, with YNTHT and Philips headphones


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Inspired by New York street style, Citiscape is a headphone range designed by Philips to cut out the clutter of city life. Citiscape headphones deliver crisp sound while cancelling out the ambient noise of your surroundings, so you can keep your music to yourself, no matter what you're listening to. Whether it's a minimal ensemble, drone metal, or Chicago juke, listening with Citiscape will put you totally in the zone. It works both ways, too, using its MusicSeal to keep your sound from leaking out.

You Need To Hear This is a collaboration between Philips and Noisey that gives you the best music to listen to on your headphones. Bringing you brand new music and exclusive streams from the bleeding edge of musical innovation, YNTHT is a platform for the eternally-unsatisfied music fan who always seeks something new.