Exclusive Gold Panda remix

Producer playing Standon Calling gives us good track to give you.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Gold Panda is playing Standon Calling this weekend, download the LOL Boys (they are better at remixing tracks than naming projects, don’t worry) version of You on the right.

Gold Panda, sterling electronic solo artist who has released three of the most effervescent tracks in the last year [read Gold Panda: ‘Divine intervention, innnit.’]. The first was ‘Miyamae’, a 12” on Various, followed by the ‘Quitters Raga’ 7” on Make Mine, and the third, ‘Before’ was released digitally and on 250 limited CDs via Puregroove. His album should be announced soon.

Standon Calling is held from the 6th to the 8th August 2010 in Hertfordshire. Liars, These New Puritans, Buena Vista Social Club, Pantha du Prince and the aforementioned Gold Panda are playing. Click here for tickets.