Ewan Pearson introduces Out Cold

Simon Aldred's icy electronic pop is recommended to you by the heroic producer.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

Out Cold has only got one single out there in the world right now – it’s called All I Want, and sounds like a classical ballad delivered in gorgeous digital swirl – but it’s found itself some keen fans in important places. Among those fans is producer Ewan Pearson, who sent us the following explanation of what exactly is so exciting about Out Cold’s – AKA Simon Aldred’s – chilly electronic pop creations. Read what he has to say about Aldred’s talent below, and keep scrolling to find the Jamie-Harley directed video for Out Cold’s debut single along with Pearson’s dub version.

Ewan Pearson: “I got an email from Jeff Barrett just before Christmas asking if I’d listen to a couple of tracks from a new project with a view to a remix. Jeff and Heavenly have been hugely important to me since I was a dewey-eyed teenager head over heels for Foxbase Alpha but I’ve never done any work for them. Happily the tracks were gorgeous – blue-eyed soul with a lush analogue electronics in the production and great melodies & songs. Out Cold is the name and turns out – I’d not guessed – it’s Simon Aldred from Cherry Ghost – but whereas that is this darker mix of northern English pop and Americana this is something other; altogether sweeter and more romantic – not afraid to wear its love for 80s UK soul, early house and Factory-era electronic pop proudly on its sleeve. It’s a lovely album without an ounce of cynicism in its 59 minutes. Swoontastic as they would have said in Smash Hits. Can’t ask for more than that.”

Out Cold – All I Want from Out Cold on Vimeo.

Out Cold’s debut album ‘Invasion Of Love’ will be released this summer.