Everywhere Else, March 18th

Pieces on Lil B's producer, new Tri Angle signing Fatima Al Qadiri and Britney. Mixes from Ossie and Raime.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Review: Britney Spears – Femme Fatale “This is a young woman who has been literally the most famous person in the world – the original “Number One search term” of the internet age – whilst undergoing complete personality meltdown. Anyone with a stack of Baudrillard books and a bag of strong drugs could easily theorise on that until their head fell off.” theartsdesk.com

Sonic Router Mix #73: Ossie [Lightworks] “A fusion of everything really, I use a lot of percussion and synths, which gives a vintage but current feel. I try and have stories or mood in my tunes especially when producing house, and having produced R&B previously helps with build-ups and structuring.” sonicrouter.blogspot.com

Village Voice interview Lil B’s producer Clams Casino “Effects. That helps them stick together. I just love seeing what I can do with effects. I’ll have an outline of a beat done, and then just add effects for hours and get carried away.” villagevoice.com

V Magazine interview Fatima Al Qadiri on Kuwait and her magazine Pâté “For V70 we feature Pâté—not the type made up of ground fat, meat, and entrails condensed into an edible spread, but something similar—a published work of art by Lauren Boyle and Fatima Al Qadiri, printed by Common Space Projects, on the topic of Kuwaiti taste.” vmagazine.com

Watch Odd Future perform at MTVU’s Woodies “Odd Future closed the 2011 MTVU Woodie Awards last night with performances of Sandwitches and Yonkers. A giant fish, chicken and tiny version of Tyler joined in. It Alllll goes off when Tyler leaps into the crowd.” abeano.com

Raime’s Sonar Mix “It is an unprecedented and impossible cross between dubstep and house, with one eye on the European Gothic tradition and/or minimal dance and the other on the future.” 2011.sonar.es/en