Everywhere Else, 16th March 2011

SXSW tips, Pearson Sound, The Pop Group, Jam City and Blade Runner in today's set of links from the net.


Words by: Charlie Jones

JAM CITY’S 60 MIN MIX “The best way to listen to Jam City is with your eyes closed in a flotation tank. The lucid dreams are so intense you’ll think they’re a new pilot from creators of Magic Schoolbus and Superjail going back to back” – boilerroom.tv

10 Must-Hear Bands Ready to Shake Up SXSW “The South by Southwest music festival, now in its 25th year, is stuffed with more bands than any human can possibly hope to see in five short days.” – wired.com

ALBUM OF THE WEEKBLADE RUNNER “Blade Runner zoomed through the news last week when the story circulated that the ‘franchise’ was up for sale and in the process of being bought. It looks like an all-inclusive package deal will be traded in with Alcon Entertainment, films of which are distributed by Warner Bros. The rights for manufacturing prequels, sequels and exploring multi-platform concepts will be thrown up in to the air and by all reports will probably then land as a huge pile of diluted yet very expensive shit.” – offmodern.com

Exclusive Stream: Pearson Sound/Ramadanman’s Fabric Mix “The newest Fabric mix is by one Dave Kennedy, aka Ramadanman aka Pearson Sound aka one-slash-the-other. It’s pretty monumental, kindly leading off with an unreleased track of his and moving into a fairly wide survey of what’s happening in Europe.” – thefader.com

Interview: Pop Group’s Mark Stewart “Mark Stewart, founder and vocalist of legendary British post-punk outfit Pop Group, met with Italy’s Less TV last month to deliver his first official interview since group disbanded in 1980. The interview took place in a laundromat in Bolognia.” – alteredzones.com