Erol Alkan – Sub Conscious (Kamera remix)

Intriguing Phantasy Sound newcomer Kamera reworks a highlight from Erol Alkan's Fabriclive mix.


Erol Alkan is releasing a new single, Sub Conscious, a highlight of last year's Fabriclive mix

He's enlisted two remixers to make their own interpretations of the track: Vienna-based acid head Tin Man, and Kamera, a new signing to Erol's Phantasy Sound label.

Phantasy have always had a bit of intrigue to each of their new signings, whether that was Ghost Culture's foggy persona in his earliest releases, the abstractions of U, or Riton and Primary 1 asking "who's there?" on 2009's, er, Who's There?

Little is known about Kamera so far, but their take on Sub Conscious suggests some real chops on the studio, turning in a heavy, droning club rework of the track. Expect to hear more from them over the year ahead.

Phantasy Sound released 'Sub Conscious' on January 19th 2015 (buy vinyl). A digital release is available exclusively via Beatport from January 26th 2015 (pre-order).

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