Eminem licenses music to a political candidate for the first time in support of Biden

The 48-year-old rapper gave permission for the Biden/Harris campaign to use 'Lose Yourself'


Words by: Billy Ward

Eminem has granted the Biden campaign rights to use ‘Lose Yourself‘ in a new election advert urging people to go and vote.

Released on Monday, the advert features black-and-white footage from various locations across the US, including Eminem’s hometown Detroit and a recent Biden visit to the Michigan State Fairgrounds. The 45-second video is dotted with the message “VOTE”, while the ‘Lose Yourself’ soundtrack adds a motivational element to the clip.

Throughout his career Eminem has been relatively guarded about licensing, limiting the use of his music in areas such as film, advertisements and television.  However, the Biden advert marks the first time ever the 48-year-old rapper has licensed one of his songs to a political candidate, signalling his support.

The ‘Lose Yourself’ advert follows a recent show of support for Trump from rappers such as Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Lil Pump. At his final rally, Trump introduced Lil Pump mistakenly as “Little Pimp” before bringing him up on stage to address the crowd in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Hudson Mohawke’s ‘Chimes’ was recently used in a Biden campaign video encouraging people to go out and vote.

Watch the Biden election advert below:

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