Elan Tamara – Don’t Know Why [MP3]

Download a new track from the Walthamstow singer, taken from her 'Organ' EP on Big Dada.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

Today is a rare delight. Thanks to the bank holiday, Sunday’s familiar sinking feeling has been suspended for another day. Instead the hours stretch out deliciously, humming with possibility. There’s something about Elan Tamara’s music that makes me feel like that whatever day I listen. Her songs move at their own pace; her singular voice dancing patterns over piano and percussion melodies, uncoiling sounds and tumbling rhythms. Produced by Kwes, her third EP ‘Organ’ marks a steady rise up for the Walthamstow singer. Her first EP ‘Gold Fishes’ was self-released; ‘Shadows’ was put out on Kwes’s label Bokkle; and now Big Dada have stepped up to release ‘Organ’. Hear for yourself on EP track Don’t Know Why (MP3 above). Download, dream along, drift away.

Elan Tamara’s ‘Organ’ EP will be released by Big Dada on 6th June 2011