Eiko Hara – Going Somewhere

Tokyo-reared, now New York-located artist lands on Cascine's digital singles series.


Cascine's digital singles project, CSCN, strikes again with this pop-rock ditty, Going Somewhere, by Tokyo-reared but now New York-located, Eiko Hara.

The fine people at Cascine met her through their friends in Brooklyn bands Selebrities and Beach Fossils. Going Somewhere, which starts with Hara saying Hey don't go, let me go, before kicking off, has a strong Tegan & Sara/Metric-like vibe, at once soft and firm, with gruff, blustery drums, quietly gargling, sniveling guitar, and wispy tufts of coasting, yearning vocals. Don't look back – Eiko isn't.

CSCN released Going Somewhere on March 30th 2015 (buy).

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