Egyptian Sports Network – Leo in Cyan

Matt Mondanile and Spencer Clark's modern psychedelic composition, performed by ex-Emeralds member Mark McGuire.


Words by: Karen Chan

Egyptian Sports Network is the new collaborative project between Matt ‘Ducktails’ Mondanile and Spencer Clark, also known as one half of The Skaters (with James Ferraro), one half of Inner Tubes (with ex-Emeralds member Mark McGuire) and label boss of Pacific City Sound Visions.

Taken from their debut five-track suite called ‘Interstitial Luxor’ for Mondanile’s New Images label, Leo In Cyan is written by Mondanile and Clark and beautifully executed by Mark McGuire. It’s as fresh as you’d imagine and expect, combining weird and wonderful textures in a thick vein of metallic, futuristic abstraction and undulating riffs.

New Images released Egyptian Sports Network’s ‘Interstitial Luxor’ in April, 2013.