Egyptian Hip Hop finally announce debut album, hear a track inside

'Good Don't Sleep' will be released on R&S in October, and SYH is streaming inside.


Words by: Charlie Jones

‘Good Don’t Sleep’ is the name of album by the Mancunian weird pop band signed to R&S. They’ve been practically silent since 2010, and they have shared a song called SYH, which we’ve embedded below for you to listen to.

These are the names of the songs that will be on Egyptian Hip Hop’s first album ‘Good Don’t Sleep’:

1 Tobago
2 The White Falls
3 Alalon
4 Yoro Diallo
5 Strange Vale
6 Snake Lane West
7 Pearl Sound
9 One Eyed King
10 Iltoise

This is what the cover will look like:

Egyptian Hip Hop - Good Don't Sleep

The album was produced by Richard Formy, who has also worked with Darkstar, as Ruth found out when she went up to Richard’s studio.

Dummy has covered Egyptian Hip Hop quite a lot, and we as a board are literally quite excited to hear this.