Eclair Fifi announces party with some hugely exciting new producers

The LuckyMe DJ will bring SOPHIE, A.G. Cook, Felicita, and Neana to Plastic People on February 13th.


Eclair Fifi is bringing one of the freshest lineups you're gonna get to London later this month. Joining the LuckyMe DJ at Plastic People on Thursday February 13th are four hugely exciting new artists: SOPHIE, A.G. Cook, Felicita, and Neana.

For anybody in need of an introduction to the artists, SOPHIE's single Bipp was our #2 song of 2013, A.G. Cook is the head of exciting label PC Music and makes some of the most bananas, hectic sounds we've heard in forever, Felicita was the subject of a Next profile last year, and Neana is Night Slugs' newest ace-in-the-hole.

Tickets are available at Resident Advisor for a princely £5 in advance. For more information, head here. Happy Valentine's Day!