Eaux – Head

The London trio are back sounding bigger and bolder as they announce their debut album, 'Plastics'.


Eaux are a London trio we've followed after the splintering of the Sian Alice Group led to their formation, speaking to them shortly after the release of their first 7" in the summer of 2012, and being wowed by the icy evolution of their debut EP a few months later. Now Eaux are ready to take the next step up, locking in a debut album for ATP Recordings this June. 

While earlier tracks like New Peaks have scratched out their own angular space on the dancefloor, Head's groove is altogether bigger and bolder. The way things suddenly open up, albeit aided by some rather Belfast-like chimes, is a joy. 

ATP Recordings will release 'Plastics' on June 2nd 2014. 

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