Dummy & Pause present: The 10 Best

Dummy and music discovery app Pause have launched a magazine with playlists curated by Goldie, Kevin Saunderson, The Orb and more.


Dummy has teamed up with music discovery app Pause for a monthly magazine titled The 10 Best.

Some of Dummy's most popular features have been a part of our 'The 10 best…' series, where pioneers of modern music compile essential playlists of their given genres, with legends like Goldie, The Orb, Macy Gray, and Gary Numan having all taken part in the series in the past.

We've been working with Pause for a while – they've been featuring Dummy articles in their monthly music writing selections – and today, they've launched a new issue dedicated to these features.

Alongside Goldie's guide to drum'n'bass and The Orb's favourite ambient tracks, you'll find Kevin Saunderson discussing early Detroit techno, Ruff Sqwad chatting grime, Ron Trent on deep house, incredibly specific selections from Bill Brewster (the best disco cash-ins by pop artists), Helena Hauff (dark, experimental electro), and Luke Vibert (on strange disco records), and plenty more.

There'll be more to come in future issues, but this should be enough to keep you going for now. Download Pause for iOS and Android to read the issue.

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