Dummy Mix 507 // Throwing Snow


Under the moniker Throwing Snow, London based producer Ross Tones fuses dubstep, UK funky, house and post-rock that strike a balance between sun-kissed warmth and glacial coldness. A prolific music maker, he has produced a myriad of EPs and remixes on labels like Local Action, Ho Tep, Sneaker Social Club and his own Snowfall imprint, with the distinction of sharing studio time with Flying Lotus and Four Tet and two Boiler Room sets.

He is now lining up the next instalment in his club focused series. ‘Simmer/Subtitles’ is the second two tracker in a string of releases that will culminate on a special extended vinyl release this summer via Houndstooth. A prominent name in the underground, Snow is in his own lane making tunes for the soul and, in his exclusive Dummy Mix, he merges the worlds of his influences once again for an omnious hour of vibes.

"In this mix I wanted to touch on some tracks, new and old, that reference some of the same music that I have on my latest series of releases for Houndstooth." Snow told Dummy. "It's focused on broken drum rhythms and breaks from 170bpm to 125bpm with a dark edge."

Snow will perform alonsgside Nosaj Thing at London's Village Underground on March 31st. Grab tickets here.


1. Ultracode – Kingdom Of Crooked Mirrors

2. Forest Drive West – Jungle Crack

3. Air Max ’97 – 3YE

4. Breakage – Kill Dem

5. Defo – Culture

6. Itoa – Snake Pass

7. Fistfunk – Raindance

8. Andy Stott – Damage

9. Vex’d – Angels

10. Aquarian – Bad Feeling 

11. Moonstones – Yen Pox 

12. Batu – April These

13. KKiNG KONG -Damaia

14. Leonce – Apparition

15. Impey – The Pong Song

16. Cocktail Party Effect – Yea

17. Throwing Snow – ?

18. Throwing Snow – Tantrum

19. Walton – Tensions

20. Jackal Youth – Let Me Be

21. Randomer – Obtuse

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