You can now listen to Dummy at home with Shuffler.FM and SONOS!

You can now stream new music from Dummy through the Shuffler.FM app on SONOS Labs, and read our best writing on their new journal PAUSE.


Thanks to Shuffler.FM and SONOS, there are now two more ways to get a quick hit of Dummy.

A Shuffler.FM app is now available on SONOS Labs, and it includes a Dummy channel, meaning that users of SONOS who access the Shuffler.FM app will be able to listen to the music that Dummy posts around the house through SONOS. We're one of the featured channels on the app.

They have also launched PAUSE, a free, quarterly e-journal that collects the best music writing and video content from websites including Dummy, Pitchfork, FACT, The FADER, and others. The first edition of PAUSE highlights the best music and music writing of 2013 and features a few article from Dummy. It can be downloaded here.

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