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Known as Bülent Gürler to his friends, Butch first got his hands on a DJ set-up at a spritely 12 years of age. In awe of the technical prowess at the DMC Championships and armed with a bunch of second hand vinyl, the young buck Bülent started to try his hand(s) at scratching and beat juggling. Butch's tastes quickly morphed from boom-bap to 4-4, with musical palette sashaying towards a clubbier sound, also sparking his interest in production around the early '90s. Fast forward a few years and Butch has climbed the ranks to become a stalwart of the scene, with his adroit production skills being far from close kept secret, consistently delivering his own brand of hallucinogenic, disco-tinged house.

Never shy of a weird trip, Butch is making his way to the San Diego hinterland of Los Coyotes Reservation this weekend, seeing in April at Desert Hearts festival. Looking like a cross between a vintage wolf t-shirt, a majestic mescaline trip and that weird section of Lovebox with people dancing on a pirate ship – we reckon this will be right up Butch's street.

To build up the hype, the German producer hit us up with a very special Dummy mix packed full of swirling house and techno numbers, with a nice little appearance from his recent slammer on Play It Say It, Jack The System.

In Butch's own words:

"Seeing as I'm going to play at the amazing Desert Hearts festival, I have to quote the timeless, life-changing 1985 movie-classic, Desert Hearts, which honestly, I never saw and had never heard of until now. But I just Googled some quotes from it, and here’s my favourite, by the character called Vivian: "My only clear memory is arriving. The rest is a blur. An absolute blur." That's a good quote, right? I think that quote is so good that I'm actually considering watching the movie."

Personally, I quite like the sound of Hellhole Palms just down the road, so if anybody wants to whisk us off to Desert Hearts next year, we are game.

Butch plays Desert Hearts festival at Los Coyotes Reservation, San Diego, CA on April 3rd (info).

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