DRC Music – Kinshasa One Two [album stream]

Stream the results of Damon ALbarn, Kwes, Actress, etc's jolly in the Demorcratic Republic of Congo.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Embedded above is the album stream of DRC Music’s album ‘Kinshasa One Two’. DRC Music is a collective made up of Congolese musicians Nelly Liyemge, Bokatola System and Jupiter and the Okwess International and western musicians Damon Albarn, Kwes, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and Actress, as well as XL’s Rodiadh MacDonald and Richard Russell, and the album was recorded in the Democratic Republic of Congo over the summer. On sale digitally and on CD, with proceeds going to Oxfam, it’s a moving album of remarkable cohesiveness where the real divide crossed is not between west and rest but digital and analogue.

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